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MorganTheeler LLP is a full-service general practice law firm located in Mitchell, South Dakota. The firm has expertise in estate planning, family law, personal injury law, healthcare law and commercial and business law. MorganTheeler LLP has historically been counsel for many area banks, schools, insurance companies, large and small businesses, farming operations, families and individuals.

Our attorneys have noted expertise in business, litigation, estate planning and administration, along with a variety of transactional matters. The firm also has a strong reputation for its community service, with the attorneys serving on multiple charitable and service organization as boards of directors.

  • Member of Meritas, an international consortium of business law firms
  • Access to nearly 5,000 attorneys in more than 70 counties
  • Unparalleled global talent, consistent quality and proven value

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MorganTheeler LLP specializes in all facets of business law, including insurance law, banking law, employment law, worker’s compensation and Corporate Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies.
MorganTheeler LLP has your rights covered when it comes to criminal proceedings.
MorganTheeler LLP also focuses on estate planning, which includes probate, wills, trusts, guardianships and conservatorships.
MorganTheeler LLP understands that your wellbeing, as well as your children, is top priority in any divorce or child custody proceedings.
Whether you are starting your own practice, or joining an existing practice, our healthcare attorneys are available to assist you in that process.
MorganTheeler LLP is dedicated to obtaining the very best recovery possible for you through experienced, professional and aggressive representation.

A Rich History

The firm has a remarkable history spanning over 125 years. Tynan Spangler founded the firm in 1893 and was soon joined by Chester (“Chet”) L. Morgan, followed by Harry (“Had”) T. Fuller. The frontimage4firm was known as Morgan and Fuller for many years. They quickly built a reputation as trial lawyers. One of the most publicized cases involved Chet Morgan’s representation of 16 year old Stella Mae Dickson in 1939. Stella Mae was part of a “Bonnie and Clyde” style husband and wife bank robbery duo who were labeled by the FBI as Public Enemy No. 1 and Public Enemy No. 2 in 1939.

Chet Morgan’s two sons Robert Morgan and John (“Jack”) Morgan joined the firm in downtown Mitchell. Robert later served as a South Dakota Supreme Court Justice. Jack Morgan practiced law with the firm from 1957 until his retirement in 2002. Two other attorneys, including Had Fuller’s son, Pete Fuller and Tim Tucker, practiced with the firm for years and later became state circuit court judges.

The firm is currently named MorganTheeler LLP and has an office in Mitchell. The location of the office permits a broad geographic area of service.

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